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Effective Nit & Head Lice Removal Service for You With Nitty Nora

Get Back to Your Life Lice-Free


My name is Nora

Nit and Head Lice Removal Specialist in Kent

Totally confidential, DBS checked and fully insured

Mobile Service

Lice can affect everything from children's schoolwork to their self-esteem. "We've had children sitting in the back of the class, because they were so embarrassed by their lice, or being too shy to audition for the school play because of them.

Effective Nit Removal Services
for You

The full treatment service will include:


·         A visit in the comfort of your own home, use of fully protective gowns for your clothing.

·         Supply and application of a 100% chemical free, hypoallergenic, perfume and harmful additives free anti-head lice serum. Hair will be worked on in sections to ensure no hair is left untreated.

·         A meticulous and super sectioned comb through using professional head lice and nit combing tools to remove any stubborn lice, nits and live eggs whilst wearing magnifying eye glasses.​

·         This will need to be left in for two hours after application to work its magic and then be washed out by yourself. ​

·         Each appointment can take up to 2 hours depending on length of hair and level of infestation.


 I will see you in a week's time to repeat the treatment and comb out, to ensure the cycle is broken. Please ensure you can make your second appointment.

If you are in anyway concerned about allergic reactions, please get in touch and I will send you (via royal mail) a product sample to test prior to our appointment. 

Treatment Pricing


Full treatment package   -  £40

Follow up appointment  -  £20


(required 7 to 9 days after initial treatment for 100% success rate)

For families discounts are available  -  please get in touch to discuss


For extra thick or long hair or sever infections please get in touch


A small mileage fee maybe applied for clients further afield

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How it Works

How It Works

Nora will arrive at your home and thoroughly examine your hair and scalp to determine the severity of the infestation. She will then begin the lice removal process using safe and effective treatment methods.  Using natural, non-toxic products to ensure that both the lice and their eggs are completely eliminated.

Contact Us

Get in touch with me to discuss your needs and schedule an in-home assessment.

Get Quality Care

Don't let lice ruin your day - contact Nitty Nora today to schedule your appointment. With my fast and effective treatments, you can eliminate lice from your life and get back to feeling confident and comfortable. Let me take care of you and your family - I'm here to help!

Client Testimonials

“I am so grateful for the service provided by Nitty Nora. She has been a true blessing to me and my family.”

Samantha W.


United Kingdom

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